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Vienna Linizio Lungo Intensity: 6

Vienna Linizio Lungo Intensity: 6

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The Brazilian coffee is light-medium roasted which keeps it smooth and with all the Bourbon variety’s malty notes intact. The washed Colombian coffee beans get a short roast to release all of their finer aromatics.
  • Original
  • 6 Intensity intensity of 6
  • Lungo 110 ML

Vienna Linizio Lungo

From coffeehouse to home coffee gathering, this balanced blend of smooth and silky South American Arabicas pairs perfectly with your viennoiserie.

Vienna’s coffeehouse tradition shaped the coffee culture of this vibrant city, known for its many recipes and the smoothness of its coffee. WORLD EXPLORATIONS VIENNA LINIZIO LUNGO recreates this balanced and pleasant Viennese taste by pairing sweet Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas, lightly roasted by our experts to enhance the malty and aromatic notes in the cup. Enjoy it like a local: Top up your Lungo with hot water for a 150ml cup and pair it with a slice of cake.


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