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VERGNANO - Beans - Aroma Mio Soave 1 kg

VERGNANO - Beans - Aroma Mio Soave 1 kg

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These beans from Caffé Vergnano have a round and rich taste with a hint of fruity notes. A deliciously full-bodied coffee with a medium intensity. All this makes for a delicious coffee.

A precious and delicate blend specially developed for use in vending machines. A touch of fine Robusta gives this blend excellent body and a persistent creaminess, accompanied by the presence of Arabica, which gives it delicate aromas and flavours.50% Arabica, 50 Robusta

Coffee type Arabica and Robusta mix
Country of Manufacture Italy
Weight 1 kg coffee beans
Roast Medium roasted
Intensity 5 medium, 6 medium / strong, 7 light powerful
flavor profile fruity


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