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SOLIGO - Crema Caffè pronta 500ml - ყავის ნაღები - 500 მგ

SOLIGO - Crema Caffè pronta 500ml - ყავის ნაღები - 500 მგ

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Coffee Cream 500 ml

Crema Caffè Soligo is delicious because it hides a secret: milk cream. Combined with its main ingredient, Soligo fresh milk, it gives this new coffee drink an unbeatable creaminess accompanied by a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

It is delicious because it is for everyone, even for those who are lactose intolerant. In fact, it contains less than 0.1% lactose and the remainder is broken down into its primary components, glucose and galactose, which are easily assimilated by the intestine. The intense aroma of coffee characterizes this unique drink for taste and energy.

Good to taste in any season. Excellent for preparing delicious desserts enriched with a splash of Soligo Fresh Cream, a coffee bean or a sprinkling of cocoa.

Here in the 500ml version.
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