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LEONE - Candies - Drops and fruit jellies - Rosette (roses)

LEONE - Candies - Drops and fruit jellies - Rosette (roses)

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Tondino drops rosette

Enjoy sweetness in small doses with rose-scented candies. An unmistakable aroma and format, in a collector's tin pack.

Weight: 150g

Sugar, glucose syrup, flavourings. Anthocyanin natural dye. Acidifier: citric acid.

Nutritional values
Average nutritional values per 100g: Energy value: 1675kJ / 394kCal - Fats: 0g - of which saturated fatty acids: 0g - Carbohydrates: 99g - of which sugars: 77g - Fibers: 0g - Proteins: 0g - Salt: 0.5g

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