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PHILIPS - Caraffa filtrante per acqua 2.6L Bianca - წყლის დოქი ფილტრით - 2.6 ლტ.

PHILIPS - Caraffa filtrante per acqua 2.6L Bianca - წყლის დოქი ფილტრით - 2.6 ლტ.

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Feel refreshed with crisp and pure-tasting water
Made by Philips Micro X-Clean filter which reduces taste impairing substances and more. Fits in the fridge door.

Get the best out of your water
Enjoy crisp and pure tasting water, as well as flavourful hot and cold drinks. Philips Micro X-Clean filter reduces chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and emerging contaminants such as microplastics and PFOA.*

Dust-proof spout keeps water fresh and clean
By preventing dust from getting in through the water outlet, the dust-proof spout keeps the water fresh and clean.

Easy Refill Lid
Take off the lid easily for refilling.

Prevents limescale build-up
Prolongs the lifetime of kitchen appliances by preventing limescale build-up.

Economical and eco-friendly
Great tasting water at a fraction of the cost and waste of bottled water.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 238x110x250 mm
Product weight: 0.72kg
Jug capacity: 2.6L
Filtered water capacity: 1.5L
Water flow rate: 0.3L/min
Filter technology: Granular activated carbon and iron exchange resin
Filter quantity: 1-pack
Filter lifetime: 1 month
Replacement filter cartridge: AWP210, AWP211, AWP212

Input water conditions
Municipal tap water, 5-38 degrees Celsius

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