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Pellini Bio Arabica 100% in tin - 250g

Pellini Bio Arabica 100% in tin - 250g

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Roasted and ground 100% Arabica coffee from organic farming. Blend of precious coffees made of precious and superior beans.

  • Blend

    Pellini 100 % Arabica coffee comes from the organic farming of the tropical belt. It is grown in the shade of tall trees and banana trees on high ground. Farmers are careful in preserving the organic cultivation and land harvesting, thus obtaining a superior coffee as to aroma and flavour.

  • The added value of Pellini Bio

    An industrial bioethical project supporting the protection of natural resources and life cycles that results from the choice of ecology and naturalness of the adult and aware "new consumer" who has internalised the ethical "ecologically correct" values.

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