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Lucaffé MOKA CERAMICA Blucaffé Moka Pot, 4 Cups

Lucaffé MOKA CERAMICA Blucaffé Moka Pot, 4 Cups

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The Lucaffé Blucaffé Moka Pot will delight you with its unconventional design. The top of the moka pot is made of coarse porcelain, which is very resistant to thermal shock and wear.

The moka pot is suitable for gas, electric, glass-ceramic and induction hobs. The container of the kettle has a volume of 250 ml, thanks to which you can prepare 4 cups of real Italian coffee.

If you like coffee with creamy foam, then Lucaffé Moka Blucaffé is the ideal coffee machine for you . The secret of the stovetop coffee maker is a special valve , which allows coffee to be produced under twice the pressure and in half the time of ordinary moka pots.

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