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Leggero (50 Capsules)

Leggero (50 Capsules)

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Light and Refreshing

Best served as Espresso (40 ml)

Also recommended as Lungo (110 ml)



Leggero is a mild, refreshing blend of South American coffees with secret depths.
Lightly roasted Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas and Robusta give it a well-balanced and velvety body, toasted cereal and cocoa notes, and just that whisper of acidity and bitterness. Coffee milk recipes bring out a malty, caramel mellowness in Leggero, but the espresso coffee’s rich aromas still shine through.
Leggero is velvety on the tongue, and full of smooth cocoa and cereal notes. That hint of acidity in this Nespresso espresso is balanced out by bitterness in the coffee blend.
We light roast the Arabica and Robusta coffees in Nespresso Leggero. It keeps the Colombian coffee’s acidity alive and it gives the others those gentle toasted cereal and cocoa notes. All in balance.
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