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KIMBO - Nespresso - Caffè - Cinque Origini - conf. 10

KIMBO - Nespresso - Caffè - Cinque Origini - conf. 10

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n the Neapolitan smorfia (a dream-interpretation system), number 5 stands for the hand. In this story, the hands belong to Chef Gennaro Esposito (who has devoted himself to researching top-quality ingredients and turned this obsession into a trademark) and to KIMBO (which has made Neapolitan coffee famous the world over). The partnership between these two Neapolitan greats has given rise to KIMBO 5 Origini: a blend of the best grades of Arabica coffee carefully selected by Gennaro Esposito and skilfully roasted by master KIMBO roasters. The capsules are compatible with Nespresso®* home coffee makers. *These trademarks do not belong to Kimbo.


Intensity -10

Roasting - Medium

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