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INTENSO GROUND - Organic Roasted coffee ground 250gr

INTENSO GROUND - Organic Roasted coffee ground 250gr

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Main properties:
Organic natural ground coffee, with a 100% compostable packaging.
IT MUST BE DISPOSED OF with organic waste.

Consumer recommendations:
For lovers of strong coffee, the Ristretto and Espresso varieties com highly recommended. Perfect for all types of coffee preparations: Espresso, Moka, Chemex, V60, etc.

Origin and characteristics:
The Intenso variety presents a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees at their optimum roasting point, which provides a cup of sweet but intense espresso. Its warm chocolate and vanilla notes give structure to a cup with a marked Italian accent. A coffee lovers favourite.

Contains 250 g of organic ground coffee, in a compostable pack complying with EN13432

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