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Intensity  7
Bitterness   3
Acidity  2
Body   3
Roasting   3

Dark roasted South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta bring out the subtle cocoa and roasted cereal notes of this full-bodied decaffeinated espresso.


A selection of South American Arabicas enhanced with a touch of Robusta adds a rich and intense flavour to the coffee.


A short and intense roasting develops its toasted notes and reinforces its body.

Aromatic profile

Grilled and chocolate notes alongside a full body. A very rich aroma is perceptible in both the crema and the coffee.

DECAFFEINATO is a decaffeinated coffee blend of South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta. We give these decaffeinated coffees a short but intense dark roast that develops the coffees’ roasted notes and reinforces the full body of this Nespresso decaf. The subtle notes of cocoa and toasted cereal will compel you in their rich aromatic intensity. The Arabica and Robusta coffees are carefully decaffeinated to preserve their aromatic complexity.


Ingredients: Roast and ground coffee without caffeine.

Available packaging:
Boxes of 50  for the tower system
Paper Box Net Weight:  300g – 10.6oz e

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