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CREMOSO WHOLE BEANS - Organic Roasted coffee 250 gr

CREMOSO WHOLE BEANS - Organic Roasted coffee 250 gr

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Main properties:
Organic natural coffee beans, with a 100% compostable packaging.
IT MUST BE DISPOSED OF with organic waste.

Consumer recommendations:
A great coffee to kick start the day. Especially recommendable for drinking with milk. Designed for grinding at home and perfect for all types of coffee preparations: Espresso, Moka, Chemex, V60, etc.

Origin and characteristics:
The Cremoso variety has a composition of intensity and persistent creaminess until the last sip. An espresso full of caffeine, vigor, strength and energy, with aromas of cedar and chamomile and notes of toasted bread, peanuts and liquorice.

Contains 250 g of organic coffee beans, in a compostable pack complying with EN13432

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