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Cape Town Envivo Lungo Intensity: 10

Cape Town Envivo Lungo Intensity: 10

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Both Indian and Mexican Robustas are roasted to a medium degree but separated by origin for more precise results. The Arabica beans are roasted to a darker degree for extra intensity.
  • Original
  • 10 Intensity intensity of 10
  • Lungo 110 ML

Cape Town Envivo Lungo

A deep-roasted, intense, and full-bodied cup with a woodsy aroma and punchy bitterness reminiscent of the Robusta cargo that shaped Cape Town’s taste in coffee.

This blend brings you Cape Town’s taste in coffee. With South Africa as a stopping point on the old trade routes, Asian coffees shaped local taste over time. WORLD EXPLORATIONS CAPE TOWN ENVIVO LUNGO reflects this preference with a blend of Indian Arabica and Robusta. It results in our most intense Lungo – full-bodied and with a punchy bitter note and woodsy aroma. Enjoy it like a local: Add a splash of milk to your long cup and experience the silky texture.



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