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BORBONE - Caffitaly - Caffè - Blu - Conf. 10

BORBONE - Caffitaly - Caffè - Blu - Conf. 10

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Caffè Borbone Espresso Miscela Blu Caffitaly System Conf. 10 capsules

The practical package contains 10 capsules with a mixture of decaffeinated coffee and a perfect balance between sweetness and creaminess.

Miscela Blu, equilibrata e corposa, obtained from the selection of miscele for a perfect balance between body, persistence and sweetness.

La miscela Blu is characterized by its noble taste, vigorous character and intense aroma.

Thanks to the technology of Caffè Borbone, this blend preserves all the characteristics of an excellent Neapolitan coffee.

This is possible because the coffee, once toasted, is immediately ground and perfectly dosed and pressed all inside the capsule, then closed hermetically: in this way the coffee does not come into contact with the air and the aroma remains intact. alla tazzina.

Advantages of the capsule: you will constantly find the same intense and unmistakable aroma... per provare ogni volta un momento di piacere... semper buono.


     Intensity: 8.5/10.
     Profilo Aromatico: temperamento forte e deciso.
     Tostatura: Media.
     Altitude: Varie.
     Each package is composed of 10 monodose capsules containing 8 grams of roasted and ground coffee.

Utilità della Capsula:

1) Pratica, veloce e semplice: pochi gesti per preparere un caffè mai provato prima. Capsule monodose usa e getta già pronta per l'utilizzo; The maximum practicality and hygiene are in use for the maintenance of the machine: there is no dirt and the coffee remains intact, there is no loss of time or product.

2) Dose ideale: ogni capsule monouso contiene la dose ideale per ottenere un vero espresso italiano: 8gr di macinato. The coffee inside the capsule is dosed and pressed to the right point for an always perfect result.

3) Aroma full and unaltered: the patented structure of the capsules Caffitaly System assures the maximum yield of the grind as all the content comes filtered to obtain the final drink, in addition the hermetic closure of each single capsule guarantees the unaltered maintenance of the aroma from the production alla tazzina, nessuna dispersione di gusto duettu all'apertura della confezione.

N.B.: The Capsule can be used solo in machines compatible with the exclusive Caffitaly System.
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