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Aged Sumatra Limited Edition

Aged Sumatra Limited Edition

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Origin: Arabica from the Aceh province on Sumatra, Indonesia, aged for 3 years.
Intensity: 7
Bitterness: 5
Acidity: 3
Body: 5
Roasting: 4

A limited edition among the Master Origins line.

Light brown foam. An intensely roasted aroma, with a somewhat tobacco, even peaty, tinge.

Prevalently bitter at first, with a very subtle acidity, not bright nor tangy. Thick crema but not long lasting. Whisky-like undertones, similar to drinking a coffee “corretto” with a splash of a low-grade alcoholic drink.

Woody, spicy and especially tobacco flavors, with a delicate, moderately sweet, acidity make the bulk of the aromatic profile of this capsule. Acidity comes out mostly in the aftertaste, with a hint of sweetness.

The capsule is primarily bitter and moderately intense. At lower temperatures the bitterness subsides and makes the Aged Sumatra a well balanced cup of coffee. Mild intensity, velvety body, with a distinct taste profile at times resembling a Cognac or a Whisky, that will be appreciated by lovers of strong flavors.
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